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What is universia

Universia is the leading university network for Ibero-America and it encompasses 1,341 universities.

With regard to employment and digital services, the network and its members ended 2016 with a monthly average of 14.1 million unique users on their sites, 1.7 million followers on their social media channels, and they posted over 2.6 million job vacancies for young people.

Mission and Vision

  • Red
    To be the largest university cooperation network focused on Ibero-America that promotes change and innovation through a platform of products and services for companies and the university community.
  • RSC
    To become an international leader in Corporate Social Responsibility.
  • Comunidad universitaria
    To act as an agent of change by helping universities develop joint projects and generate new opportunities for the university community. These opportunities should deal with the demands of the business and institutional world, while applying financial efficiency and foster profitability.

Lines of action

  • Academic projects

    Knowledge and Research through different initiatives:

    Academic publications with universities

    Reports and studies on higher education

    Information for university students


    Bibliographic resources

    Innoversia and

    Conferences of university vice-chancellors and presidents
  • University services

    Employment: promote first jobs and professional internships among university students.

    Training: identify the training needs of organisations that can be handled from the university.

    Marketing: implement online tools that allow for the inclusion of university offers.

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